• Facilitating organizations for effective implementation and maintenance of Quality Management system using e-solution


CodonQMS is a business management strategy built on ISO 9001 requirements, involving a series of steps that are well-defined and needed for better outcome of an organization

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CodonQMS is a collection of key business processes needed for effective and efficient management resulting in sustained performance & enhanced customer satisfaction

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CodonQMS defines systematic procedures that enables scientific approach to management which result in timely actions for achieving the organizational goals/objectives

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Why CodonQMS ?

Customer focus

CodonQMS implements a philosophy of continual business improvement. Establishing KPIs and monitoring & reviewing them will keep businesses on track and ensures the supply of superior quality products & services exceeding customer expectations.

Design and build

The design and build portions serve to develop the structure for the effective implementation and maintenance of QMS and its processes. The user needs are a driving force behind the systems development and can be customized for specific requirement.

Review and improve

Review, evaluate & improve are heart of the continual improvemnet and for sustainable growth. The KPI performance, Objective status & Internal audit findings are captured for Management review that drive the superior performance.


The processes and requirements are effectively communicated or deployed through intranets and using workflows. Deployment is best served in a granular fashion via breaking each process into sub-processes, and guiding the staff with documented information, statistical tools, and metrics for effective working.


  • Reduces cost of ownership and validation by enabling delivery of consistently high quality products and services

  • Ensures consistency and documented evidence in meeting QMS requirements per international and organizational standards

  • Contributes to operational excellence by deploying scientific processes & procedures throughout the organization